HTC results might move Samsung away from using expensive build materials

Today HTC confirmed that the coming quarter might be very bad for the Taiwanese smartphone maker. HTC launched the HTC One early this year, a smartphone made out of aluminium. Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 a month after the One, and bloggers and hardcore smartphone customers began to blame Samsung for their build choice. HTC even tweeted in public about Samsung’s build compared with the HTC One: where HTC went with an aluminium unibody for the One, Samsung once again opted for plastic (polycarbonate). Naturally, the Galaxy S4 feels decidedly less premium, and responding to complaints Samsung said that they can’t develop that high amount of devices by using an aluminium body. Okay, this might be true, and we all know aluminium costs more money than polycarbonate.

Now, again HTC has warned their shareholders about bad results in the coming months. One of the reasons might be the cost price of one HTC One (pun intended). Mostly all Android device prices drop after a couple of months, which might be the biggest problem for HTC as the company isn’t an OEM like Apple that can keep the prices high and still sell millions of iPhones every quarter.

Now, while HTC may have difficult times ahead, this could even be sad news for Samsung customers who want to have aluminium or metal bodied smartphones. If HTC’s revenue and profit drops (the company is anticipating loss for the first time in its history), Samsung may decide the risk of using aluminium/premium-feeling materials is too high and continue to stick to plastic, especially when it continues to give them millions in sales.

However, Samsung earns considerably more than HTC and develops almost everything in-house, which could mean that Samsung might test expensive materials in high amount at some stage. Samsung recently bought 50% of SGL Group, a carbon fiber manufacturer, so things can certainly change, but for now, don’t be too hopeful to see a change in the plastic tradition.

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3 years 8 months ago

I don’t want aluminum I want carbon fiber

3 years 8 months ago

I think the main concern here is not whether Samsung decides to use plastic (polycarbonate) or metal such as aluminium. I think the main concern is that Samsung needs to evolve their design much further, and make it better and eye catching, also, try getting rid of that hyperglaze.

The design needs to look premium overall and beautiful, such as the HTC Butterfly (or Droid DNA). I truly love the design of the Butterfly (same goes to its successor), and many others do to. A friend of mine once brought his Butterfly to a party, while I brought the S4. Samsung phones and designs have become too common and overused lately. People are like, yeah I’ve seen the Note II, the S4, SIII, Plus or Advanced, whatever. The HTC Butterfly has a unique and premium design, which is a head turner. My other friends were like amazed with the Butterfly, and they like, wanted to have it. My S4, which is overall a better phone, didn’t get any attention at all :(

3 years 8 months ago

well if samsung decide to manufacture aliminium body smartphones, it will be far heavier than we have now.Carbon-Fiber also has to be considered as an option. As HTC’s one we can see it’s price-performance, it’s rather good phone but a lot expensive for people. So samsung just has to think about this… Besides you people should care for you thosand-bucks-paid phone.

3 years 8 months ago

Nice excuse to go cheap again and maximize the already pornographic profits. 700+€ is enough to have an all gold plated phone.

3 years 8 months ago

You do know that a premium-feel iPhone 5 costs less to manufacture than an apparently cheap-feel Galaxy S4, don’t you?
Prices aren’t solely based on manufacturing costs, there are a lot of other costs to be taken into account. So 700e is not enough to have a gold plated phone.

3 years 8 months ago

The difference between HTC and Sammy is that Sammy has resources, so why not give the premium matterials a shot???