Samsung: Here’s why you should buy the Galaxy S5 over HTC’s new One smartphone

Each year, various manufacturers unveil their flagship devices in the first few months, and then set sights on the consumer in order to sell these flagships. Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 in February, and HTC followed up with an announcement of its latest One smartphone, called the HTC One M8. Both are excellent phones in their own right, but naturally, Samsung wants you to buy the Galaxy S5, and according to a leaked image, has four main points to make in its bid to opt for the fifth-generation Galaxy S5 over the HTC One M8.

Here are Samsung’s arguments, which have been translated from Chinese:

  • • The HTC M8 is not dust and waterproof, while the SGS5 is IP67 certified.
  • • Galaxy S5′s camera is better, with a higher amount of megapixel, quicker focus, and overall, “more professional.”
  • • The HTC One M8 is not as user-friendly as the S5. Samsung’s flagship boasts childproof features, a removable battery and the new Ultra Power Saving Mode.
  • • The HTC One M8 is not as secure as the S5. The M8 lacks a fingerprint scanner while the S5 has one, on top of KNOX.

The Korean manufacturer makes some good arguments, especially in terms of the camera and the user-friendly nature of Samsung’s software (though even the One M8 has a similar power saving feature called Extreme Power Saver). Again, both the S5 and One M8 are excellent handsets, but by touting features like a fingerprint sensor, higher-megapixel camera (in this case, the megapixel figure does matter, as HTC uses a lackluster 4-megapixel camera sensor that is good at low-light but only average in standard lighting conditions), Samsung hopes you’ll bet your hard-earned cash on its flagship over the competition’s.

So, what do you think? Did Samsung convince you to buy the Galaxy S5? Or were you already decided on that and didn’t even need a comparison?



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3 years 16 days ago

I got my M( today. Went from a long run with samsung S3, note 2 and S4. I was tired of the boring, in my oppinion heavy and laggy OS.
I am extremely happy with the m8. The camera is far from as bad. The ultrapixle does a great job, and with the dual camera it gives a lot of cool edit options. And with its on board speekers with boost sound it is a great phone! It is userfriendly, more android like and light.

The biggest cons i have found by now, is that there are no hardware back, home and menu buttons. I gues this will take some time to get used to.

3 years 22 days ago

This really helped me strengthen my decision of getting a Z2 next.

3 years 22 days ago

Better camera, better casing, better Software, less crapware like this shit of knox (btw who needs business software on a private phone?) and last but not least faster updates which contain even less bugs. And to even top it, if you send in a support ticket you even get a qualified answer to the question you asked. As for Samsungs support team, you either get a question answered you didn’t ask for or you are bullied be the support team. Both thin are things i can’t accept at all.

3 years 22 days ago

I approve this! This is the time I should upgrade my GS3 to a GS5! :)

3 years 22 days ago

“The HTC One M8 is not as secure as the S5″ This was actually the main selling point of the HTC M8 for me. I’ve owned every flagship SGS phone sold for AT&T since the Captivate in the US. And after being screwed buying the AT&T Note3 on release day with locked bootloaders and almost zero dev support I won’t buy another Samsung until they give us back the ability to use the hardware however we’d like. I know this isn’t completely Samsung’s fault, this has a lot to do with AT&T too but Samsung is complicit in this. Not to mention, I had no idea what I was missing until I actually held the M8, it is an amazing device and a huge departure from the same old plastic slab Samsung keeps using. Flame on.

3 years 22 days ago

I couldn’t care less. HTC is gonna fail, again. Of course S5 will be more successful. Poor HTC…

3 years 23 days ago

As long as Samsung is so slow with Android updates I will certainly not buy again ANY Samsung device

3 years 23 days ago

Then why post on a samsung website. It amazes me people post they will never support samsung again yet they hang around a primarily samsung website. Go to htc site and post if thats the case. Or even easier update the firmware yourself. Just a thought.

3 years 23 days ago

Not to mention wireless charging capability.
HTC is crap.

3 years 23 days ago

htc sucks from everything just the metal case only the reason people going to buy it – and the only ugly things about s5 the back cover which you can replace it with accessories from ebay or amazon iam sure someone will make a metal case for s5 so its no problem anymore – are there any s-view for another phone than samsung – there are a lots of things to say how samsung make best phones in the world . cheeers

Luis Pascual
3 years 22 days ago

oh what about samsung’s knox? that’s why the gti9070 will be my first and last samsung smartphone (not even mentioning only one firmware update and complete support ignored, almost a ghost phone!)

3 years 22 days ago

I really don’t see the problem with KNOX.. I have a note3, it has KNOX, but I haven’t activated it.. I don’t use it.. I don’t even open it and take a look what’s inside!! It doesn’t do anything to my phone at all.. so what’s the problem with it???? Please enlighten me

3 years 23 days ago

You don’t have to convince me…you can tell s5 is better from miles away. But some people just want metal over features.

3 years 23 days ago

Exactly what features are you talking about? Waving my hand to switch pictures? Wow I will really miss that!
The aesthetics of a phone does matter, and it’s a huge deal for many.
From software to build quality the HTC One m8 is much better than the gs5.

The only axpect of the gs5 that is superior to the HTC One M8 is the camera.

3 years 17 days ago

What do you mean many when so few buy the HTC One

3 years 23 days ago

buy metal from ebay or amazon who cares i really wish samsung never change the plastic

3 years 23 days ago

knox is the reason why i will upgrade my s3 to htc one(m8 or m7 depends on how big the difference in cash gonna be)instead of a galaxy s5

Luis Pascual
3 years 22 days ago

that’s samsung’s BIG fail, knox being user friendl? who believes that?