Crazy fast charging speeds might indeed be a reality for the Galaxy S22

It took a long time for Samsung to leave behind the 15W fast charging standard it had been using for its devices for many years. The company introduced 25W and 45W super fast charging back in 2019, and while the latter wasn’t that much faster than the former, it was still nice to have, even if just for boasting rights.

Unfortunately, Samsung decided to take a step back last year when it limited the Galaxy Note 20 lineup to 25W charging, a limitation that carried forward to this year’s Galaxy S21 series as well. But there have been some hints recently that Samsung might come back with a bang next year by introducing support for 65W charging on the Galaxy S22 lineup. Another credible source is now putting more fuel to the fire.

Twitter Leakster and our good friend FrontTron posted earlier today that 65W charging support is in the test phase for “Rainbow RGB”. For those wondering, Rainbow has previously been claimed to be the codename for the Galaxy S22 lineup, with the R, G, and B denoting the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra.

Now, as was the case with 45W charging, the Galaxy S22 series probably won’t support 65W charging on all models, though Samsung could decide to mix things up next year. What will be interesting to see is just how much faster the more powerful charger will be compared to 25W charging, which itself is quite speedy.

As for whether or not there will be a charger included in the box, well, do we even need to wonder? The Galaxy S21 series doesn’t ship with a charger (or earphones), and that’s likely going to be the case with all future flagship smartphone launches from the Korean giant. Because, you know, profits the environment comes first.

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