This is the Galaxy Note 10’s 45W fast charger and it costs €50


Last updated: July 17th, 2019 at 10:26 UTC+02:00

There’s confirmation now that the EP-TA845 is indeed the Galaxy Note 10’s 45W fast charger. This unreleased charger was first spotted a month ago and was linked to the upcoming flagship since there had been reports about it supporting 45W fast charging.

It was reported earlier today that only the Galaxy Note 10+ will support 45W fast charging. However, it won’t come with this charger in the box. You’ll have to buy it separately and from the looks of it, this charger will cost €50.

Galaxy Note 10’s 45W fast charger will cost €50

Our friends over at GalaxyClub have confirmed that the EP-TA845 is Samsung’s 45W fast charger. A number of EU retailers have listed it on their stores already. The listings clearly state that it’s a 45W fast charger. It will be available in both black and white colors with EP-TA845XBEGWW and EP-TA845XWEGWW model numbers respectively.

Granted, none of the listings explicitly mention the Galaxy Note 10, but with all of the circumstantial evidence available so far one can reasonably conclude that this may be meant for the upcoming flagship. All of the retailer listings mention €50 as the price of this charger.

Both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ will most likely come with the EP-TA800 25W fast charger. Samsung already ships this with the Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy A80 and the Galaxy A70. That should be good enough for most people. However, if you want to kick things up a notch, you’ll need to spend some extra money.

With the Galaxy Note 10+ expected to start at €1149 for the base model, many will understandably wonder why Samsung doesn’t just ship this charger with the phone. It seems like 45W fast charging would be put on the same pedestal as wireless charging. Sure, your phone supports it, but you’re going to have to buy a separate charger. Would you do that if the Galaxy Note 10+ does come with 45W fast charging?

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