Galaxy Note 10 price will reportedly start at 999 euro for 256GB variant

Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about the Galaxy Note 10 price yet but a new report provides some hints about it. Interestingly, it mentions that the base model will come with 256GB of storage, at least in Western Europe. That would be much appreciated by customers since they would get more bang for their buck.

The company won’t be confirming any pricing details before August 7. That’s when the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ are due to be unveiled in New York City.

Galaxy Note 10 price may start at 999 euro

Citing information from retailers, WinFuture reports that the Galaxy Note 10 price will start at 999 euro for the base model. This price tag would apply to most European countries which some slight variations based on local taxes and other charges.

It adds that the base model of the Galaxy Note 10+ will also have 256GB of internal storage. Customers who want more storage will be able to pay extra for 512GB and 1TB variants. We have exclusively confirmed yesterday that 1TB storage will indeed be available as an option for the upcoming flagship.

6.75-inch Galaxy Note 10+ will obviously be a bit more expensive. It will justify the higher price tag with a larger display, a more sophisticated camera system, a bigger battery, etc. It’s expected to start at 1149 euro for the base model. The 5G variant will obviously cost a bit more.

It will be good to see the Galaxy Note 10 being launched with 256GB of internal storage. Samsung offered the base Galaxy S10+ with 128GB for 999 euro. Galaxy Note 10 customers will get double that for the same price. Do keep in mind that Samsung may also offer the base model with 128GB in some markets.

We’ll only get to know these details for sure once Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7.


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hope it won’t be too expensive


To me $1000 is already bloody damn expensive


Well its time to dig deep and pull out less pocket lint to get one of those. Seems many assumed elsewhere they would be less than the note 9 or equal, well not anymore. Some have bottomless wallets, well for now, I sure am not drooling over the note 10 yet. This will be the first time I will WAIT a few months to see what if any issues arise and how much more they perform before I decide to purchase one having had the note 9. For new adopters it may be worth it, and many with the latest… Read more »