Exclusive: Galaxy Note 10 5G to come in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB flavors

Thanks to our sources, we can confirm that Samsung will offer the Galaxy Note 10 5G with 1TB of storage, in addition to 256GB and 512GB options. The 1TB variant should also have 12GB of RAM. The 1TB model might have a ceramic back as well, but that’s only speculation as there hasn’t been any concrete information hinting at a ceramic back even for the LTE versions of the Galaxy Note 10.

For the Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung gives customers the choice of 256GB and 512GB storage in some markets and only 256GB in others. That may have been a deliberate decision, as when the Galaxy S10 5G was announced, 5G networks hadn’t gone live for the public in any country. It also makes sense to offer a Note flagship with the maximum storage possible given the Galaxy Note lineup’s focus on power users. Let’s not forget that the Galaxy S10 5G doesn’t have a microSD slot, and if that’s the case with the Galaxy Note 10 5G as well, a 1TB variant will certainly have plenty of takers.

It goes without saying that a Galaxy Note 10 with 5G connectivity and 1TB of storage will cost a fortune, just like the Galaxy S10+’s 1TB variant (which costs a whopping €1,599 in European markets). Then again, outrageous prices for flagship smartphones should surprise no one, and while the Note 10 might miss out on something as basic as a 3.5mm headphone jack, it should offer enough features and functionality to justify the considerably lower bank balance you’ll have after purchasing the device.

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