Samsung website reveals the Galaxy S20 release date is likely March 6

It’s less than two weeks to Samsung’s Unpacked event where the company will officially unveil the Galaxy S20 series, not that there’s much left to be unveiled in the first place. A concrete release date hasn’t been leaked yet.

There have been hints that the Galaxy S20 may be released in the first week of March. However, it appears that Samsung just might have confirmed the Galaxy S20 release date on its own website.

Galaxy S20 release date will likely be March 6

If you head over to the official Samsung US website right now, the first thing you’ll be greeted with is a teaser for the Unpacked event. It also invites you to “reserve” the upcoming Galaxy device. This isn’t a pre-order, mind you, this is just so that Samsung can send you an email notifying you that the handset is available for pre-order once it’s formally launched. Samsung has done this for most flagship launches so this doesn’t really come as a surprise.

You just need to provide your name, email address, ZIP code and preference for a carrier the unlocked variant in order to make your reservation. Once you click on Reserve, it will show you a confirmation page which tells you to “Look for an email to complete your Galaxy pre-order for March 6th delivery.” Yes, Samsung has highlighted March 6 in bold on its own website. This date has only been mentioned on Samsung’s US website. While other local Samsung websites also have their own registration pages, they don’t mention any delivery dates.

This is a pretty solid indication that Samsung may announce March 6 as the release date for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Since it tends to launch flagships in most major markets on the same day, there’s a good chance that the Galaxy S20 will be released in markets other than the US on March 6 as well.

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