Samsung Galaxy S11e 5G will have 25W fast charging

Many had expected Samsung to leave its nearly-half-a-decade-old 15W fast charging tech behind with the Galaxy S10 series, but the company decided not to do so. Only the Galaxy S10 5G got faster charging, and many who purchased any of the three standard LTE Galaxy S10 models were quite vocal with their complaints about that fact.

To be fair, for the Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10, 15W charging is more than enough, as the two phones feature 3,100 mAh and 3400 mAh batteries respectively, but it was still disappointing to see Samsung release yet another flagship with charging speeds that were outmatched by the competition. Thankfully, both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ come with support for 25W super fast charging as standard, and the same is expected on the Galaxy S11 series.

And for those who needed it, confirmation that the entire Galaxy S11 lineup will support 25W charging has arrived today with a certification for the 5G variant of the Galaxy S11e (model number SM-G9810) in China. Just two weeks ago, presence of 25W charging was also confirmed for the Galaxy S11 5G through the same certification process. Battery sizes for these devices have already been revealed as well: at least 3,800 mAh on the S11e and 4,300 mAh on the S11.

The Galaxy S11+, meanwhile, is going to have a 5,000 mAh battery, the biggest yet on any flagship Galaxy smartphone. And while there isn’t any official information to support the speculation, we can safely assume that the S11+ will also support 45W fast charging. As it did with the Note 10+, Samsung probably will choose to make the 45W charger an optional accessory for S11+ buyers, and it will hopefully make sure that the 45W charging is actually available everywhere from day one this time around.

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