Samsung Daily to replace Bixby Home as the content discovery platform

We reported three weeks ago that Samsung had applied for a trademark on “Samsung Daily.” The filing was a little light on details but it seemed that this would likely be for a newsfeed app for the company’s mobile devices.

That’s exactly what it is. Samsung officially unveiled Samsung Daily at its annual developer conference in San Jose, California today. It also confirmed that Samsung Daily will be replacing Bixby Home as the primary content discovery platform on its devices.

Samsung Daily set to replace Bixby Home

For those who are unaware, Bixby Home is a card-based contextual information hub. It pulls in a whole host of information from supported apps and displays all of it in a card-based interface. You can have cards for the weather, your calendar, Samsung Health, email, news, etc.

The company has decided to replace it with Samsung Daily. The core functionality remains the same. It will pull in information which will be displayed as cards that you can interact with. You’ll get cards for news, sports, video, games, music and recipes in Samsung Daily. Some improvements have been made to the interface as well so that it’s more easier for users to digest all of the information that’s presented to them.

Samsung is also making it easier for developers and content creators to bring their content to the app. They will even be able to take advantage of interactive templates that allow them to best showcase their content. This will result in a wide choice of sources for users who wish to rely on Samsung Daily.

Since Bixby Home exists as a separate app, Samsung doesn’t really need to wait for the One UI 2.0 update to release Samsung Daily. We were told that Samsung Daily may start rolling out in November.

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