Samsung’s next flagship tablet could launch as the Galaxy Tab S6

The next flagship tablet in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S lineup could launch as the Galaxy Tab S6. It was revealed in mid-May that Samsung is working on a new flagship tablet with model numbers SM-T860 and SM-T865 for the Wi-Fi and LTE variants, and the LTE variant showed up on the Geekbench benchmark database nearly a month later, showing off some of its specs. And now, Twitter leakster evleaks has revealed that the new tablet will be called the Galaxy Tab S6.

It isn’t very surprising that Samsung isn’t going to launch the Galaxy Tab S4’s successor with the Galaxy Tab S5 moniker. It already released the mid-range Galaxy Tab S5e earlier this year, and launching a Galaxy Tab S5 after the Tab S5e would only serve to confuse consumers. This is similar to how Samsung decided to skip ahead to the Galaxy Note 7 after the Galaxy Note 5 so that consumers wouldn’t consider the new Note as being inferior to the Galaxy S flagship from the same year.

Unfortunately, we’re no closer to learning when the Galaxy Tab S6 will be announced. However, we can expect an unveiling around the Galaxy Note 10’s launch in early August, based on the August 1 launch of the Galaxy Tab S4 last year. As far as specs are concerned, the Tab S6 was spotted on Geekbench with a Snapdragon 855 SoC, 6GB of RAM, and Android 9 Pie. As we had exclusively revealed, the base model of the device will have 128GB of storage.


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Can’t see his tweet becasue ”
This account’s Tweets are protected.

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Honestly I jus find this as stupid as their idea to skip the Note6. Why not jus call it the S10 to bring it in line with the rest of their mobile devices… 😒
Why go for Tab S5e if the S5 was never going to exist? They should have just made it the Tab Se or call it the newly refreshed ‘E’ line.


You want merge Note series to S series ?
We have already Galaxy Tab E series.