Exclusive: Samsung to skip 64GB storage option with next high-end tablet

According to a tip we have received, Samsung’s next high-end tablet with come with 128GB of internal storage on the base model. The Galaxy Note 9 was the first Galaxy flagship that didn’t come in a 64GB flavor, starting at 128GB and jumping straight to 512GB for the higher-end variant. The Galaxy S10 trio were extended the same courtesy this year, and now, Samsung seems set to leave behind 64GB as an option on its flagship tablet lineup as well.

Wondering what high-end tablet we’re talking about? Well, it has been discovered that two new Galaxy tablets are in the works, carrying model numbers SM-T860 and SM-T865 (the Wi-Fi and LTE variants respectively). We don’t know the name yet, but it’s likely to be the direct successor to the Galaxy Tab S4 and we can assume it’s going to be called Galaxy Tab S5 for the time being. There’s a significant jump in model numbers between the Tab S4 and the upcoming tablets, so there’s a possibility the increase in minimum storage won’t be the biggest upgrade the new models will offer.

However, all that is speculation for now. Neither the SM-T860 nor the SM-T865 have been spotted on any benchmarks yet, so there’s no word on what kind of specs we can expect. Our little birdie did tell us that these tablets will have a 256GB storage option as well, but other than that, we’re as much in the dark as everyone else is at the moment.

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