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It’s not uncommon for purported images and videos of an upcoming flagship handset to leak prior to the official launch. However, they’re not always accurate. While they do provide valuable hints about the upcoming device in some cases, some of them are just without any merit. That’s the case with this new Galaxy S9+ hands-on video which is circulating online today.

Fake Galaxy S9+ hands-on video

We’re all anxious to see the new flagship smartphone from Samsung. Countless renders have already leaked online but we have yet to see a proper hands-on video being leaked ahead of the official announcement.

The only that’s circulating today features a very convincing copy of the Galaxy S9+. It does appear to be the real deal at first glance as it imitates the Infinity Display and the design language very well. It even has a dual camera system at the back. However, you can spot subtle clues that give up the secret.

For example, the bottom bezel is clearly thicker than what you’d expect on the Galaxy S9+. Moreover, the power button is excessively chunky for no apparent reason.

Look closely when the app drawer is opened and you’ll see the FM radio app which you won’t find on the real deal. You can’t spot Galaxy Apps, S Planner and Samsung Health apps. Even the camera app that’s shown in this video is different.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this a fake albeit a very convincing one. It wouldn’t be surprising if this fake starts being sold in China weeks before the Galaxy S9’s official announcement that’s expected to take place at MWC 2018 in February.


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11 days 21 hours ago
Yasu Hsu

It doesn’t look like the Galaxy S9 logo either. Samsung has never used a stylized version of the number for the splash screen.

14 days 1 hour ago

Definitely fake, it even has a camera bump, non existent on S and Note devices.

5770 mp
14 days 7 hours ago
5770 mp

No lag.. is only theme..

14 days 10 hours ago

obviously, the thing has bigger bezels than the Galaxy s8 for god sake and it is not even running Samsung Experience the animations are from stock android lollipop it is just themed to look like Samsung experience.

14 days 15 hours ago

We been knew

14 days 16 hours ago

S planner is there. But ok its not a real deal. It’s a bad copy.

14 days 17 hours ago

Please add article with introducing new team members here.