Galaxy S9 will feature an exclusive UX with features never seen before

Samsung is due to launch the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ next month and there’s a lot of excitement among fans for the new flagship. We’re gradually hearing more information about the new devices and while not all of it is bound to be accurate, it does help us develop an idea of what to expect from the Galaxy S9.

A source out of China who has been right on many accounts in the post says that the Galaxy S9 is going to come with a UX that Samsung has exclusively developed for this device and that it’s going to offer features never seen before on any UX from Samsung. For those who are unaware, UX here refers to the software features Samsung builds on top of the core Android OS.

Galaxy S9 UX

Samsung introduced its Samsung Experience UX with the Galaxy S8 last year and released an updated iteration called SE 8.5 for the Galaxy Note 8. It can be expected that the Galaxy S9 will launch with SE 9.0.

The source doesn’t detail precisely what these new features are going to be, only mentioning that Samsung’s UX division has developed new interfaces that are unique to the Galaxy S9 as they’ve never been seen before in any previous version.

Samsung is already expected to polish the user interface and add new software features to a flagship device so this isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. It also doesn’t mean that whatever new interfaces that debut on the Galaxy S9 won’t filter down to older devices through a regular update or as part of a major Android platform update.

It doesn’t mean that the Galaxy S7 is going to get the Samsung Experience UX either, no matter how long users keep their fingers crossed for it.

There has been some talk of the Galaxy S9 getting a new UX that’s big on artificial intelligence so it will certainly be interesting to see what Samsung has in store for us come MWC 2018 next month.

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