Exclusive: Samsung has a new Galaxy M30 in development

It has been about four months since Samsung launched the Galaxy M30 in India. Like the other handsets in this series, it was made available for sale exclusively online. The Galaxy M strategy is working well for Samsung and it now aims to make $1 billion from online sales in the country.

We hear that Samsung may add another handset to this lineup. The company seems to be working on a new Galaxy M30. It may just be a slightly different variant of the existing handset instead of a full-fledged successor.

A new Galaxy M30 is being developed

We’re told that Samsung has the SM-M307F under development. The Galaxy M30 has SM-M305F as its model number so this can only represent a different variant of that device. Samsung also appears to be working on such variants for some of its recent Galaxy A handsets as well. We have already reported exclusively that new variants of the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 with model numbers SM-A507F and SM-A707F are in development.

It’s unclear how this Galaxy M30 variant will be different compared to the one that’s already out there. As we mentioned in our Galaxy M30 review, this handset is basically a Galaxy M20 with some upgraded specs.

What could Samsung add to the Galaxy M30 which could slot the new variant just below the recently announced Galaxy M40? Perhaps it could get an improved camera and ship with Android 9.0 Pie with One UI 1.1. That’s just speculation right now, though. The only other information available about this new device is that it will be available with 64GB and 128GB storage, the same as the Galaxy M30.

We’ll be keeping an ear to the ground and will report any new developments regarding this device. It’s far too soon to predict right now when this device may be launched.

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