Galaxy Fit e is now available in some markets

Samsung has today launched the much-anticipated Galaxy Fit e in a number of markets, including the Netherlands, with units scheduled to start arriving tomorrow in some instances. Here’s what’s interesting, though: the fitness tracker isn’t available from the firm’s website… Yet.

That means those interested in picking one up will need to check out one of their region’s leading independent retailers to see if it’s available. In the Netherlands, for example, both Bol and MediaMarkt have it listed for €39.99 ($45) and are offering next-day shipping if ordered by 23:59.

We should note, however, that the retailers only have a limited amount of inventory available. The last time we checked, MediaMarkt had eight of the black, seven of the white and four of the yellow left. Bol, on the other hand, was just displaying an alert saying it’s running dangerously low on stock.

There’s no word on when Samsung itself will start accepting orders for the Galaxy Fit e, but seeing as retailers are now selling the device, it’s only a matter of time. Meanwhile, the regular Galaxy Fit is available to pre-order for €99.99 ($111), but it isn’t scheduled to start shipping until May 31.

So what’s the difference between the Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Fit e? Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot in it — both track activities like biking, hiking and running, and are water-resistant up to 5 ATM, with the most notable contrasts being the former has a larger screen and a bigger battery.

You’ll have to wait for our full review of both the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e to find out whether it’s worth shelling out the extra €60 ($67).


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Link to the shop ? Where it is ?


“You’ll have to wait for our full review”

But please release this review before device release.