Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ models reveal boxy design in new video

There have been quite a few leaked renders and images of Samsung’s upcoming flagship so far. Now, there’s a video highlighting the design in detail with dummy Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ models.

These dummy models are used by case manufacturers to prepare their products ahead of the handset’s launch. That’s why we see so many device renders from case manufacturers. They’re most likely based on the CAD renders that surface online a few months before the launch.

Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ dummy models show a boxy design

Noted tech YouTuber MKBHD has put up a video in which he discusses the potential design changes of the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ based on these dummy models. He’s right in observing that the Galaxy S10 models appear more like mini Galaxy Note handsets. That’s because the curves have been reduced in favor of a more boxy design that has always been the hallmark of the Galaxy Note series.

The single and dual front cameras on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are represented on these dummy models as well. All three Galaxy S10 models will feature an Infinity-O display which puts the front camera inside the active display area. As we’ve pointed out previously, Samsung has also gone with a sleek design for the earpiece.

These dummy models also show triple rear cameras on both Galaxy S10 models. That’s something we saw in the recently leaked official renders as well. Earlier rumors had claimed that the triple camera system would only be available on the Galaxy S10+. The actual devices will largely be similar to what we see here as these dummy models are in line with the expectations that we have so far.

We’ll find out soon enough what the Galaxy S10 series looks like in real life. Samsung will be unveiling the handset on February 20 in San Francisco.

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