Samsung confirms Android Pie update for upcoming Galaxy M10 and M20

Samsung is yet to unveil its new Galaxy M lineup of smartphones, but the company is already telling us when we can expect two devices from the lineup to get the Android Pie update. The Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 are scheduled to get the Pie update in August, according to Samsung’s roadmap for Android Pie in the Samsung Members app.

The schedule in the Samsung Members app serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it tells us the M10 and M20 are going to be the first Galaxy M smartphones to be unveiled, as rumors and Samsung’s teasers and support pages had already suggested. The other thing we learn is that the M series will get updated to Pie at some point, although that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Samsung is now offering two major Android upgrades for its Galaxy J smartphones, and while we can’t say if the M series will also be updated to Android Q, Android Pie was never out of the question.

Of course, it doesn’t excuse the fact that Samsung is still launching new devices with an older version of Android, although it’s a habit of the company’s that we’re used to at this point. And August is quite far down the line for devices that are launching here in January. But that is on par with how Samsung usually deals with software updates for budget smartphones, and Samsung’s new One UI skin should make it worth the wait.

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