One UI (Android Pie) feature focus: Auto disable unused apps

Samsung’s expanding the advanced battery features on Galaxy devices with Android Pie with a new feature that disables apps that aren’t used for 30 days. It can be considered an extension of the existing option that puts apps that haven’t been used for three days or so to sleep and prevents them from running in the background. Add Adaptive Battery to the mix, and Android Pie offers plenty of battery-saving features.

The Auto disable unused apps feature can be found in the battery section of the Device care menu in device settings. Just tap the three-dot button in the battery section, tap the Settings button, and you’ll see the option along with other power management features (see the GIF image below to see a visual guide).

android pie disable unused apps one ui

Once you enable it, you can then see the list of apps that have been disabled in the Disabled apps menu right below the Auto disable unused apps option. Of course, Android Pie hasn’t been out for 30 days yet for the feature to work, but it should be great for those who have too many apps on their device taking up space despite never being used or being used too rarely to matter.

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