Samsung reportedly orders 3D components for Galaxy S9 facial recognition

It has previously been reported that the Galaxy S9 facial recognition will be improved with a 3D sensor-equipped front camera. According to a new report, Samsung has already placed significant orders for 3D components that will power the improved facial recognition system. The new system is expected to be more accurate, fast and safer than the one on the Galaxy S8.

A report out of South Korea suggests that even though Samsung will opt for 3D hardware, it’s going to stick with 2D software for facial recognition. Perhaps Samsung wants to keep iris recognition onboard as it’s believed to be even safer.

Galaxy S9 facial recognition

The 3D sensor-equipped front camera might be useful for augmented and virtual reality experiences. It may also be used to power innovative new features like animated emojis.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung makes the shift to 3D sensors. One could expect the company to improve the facial recognition technology in the new flagship. With Apple capturing the market’s attention with the TrueDepth system in the iPhone X, it’s only a matter of time before Samsung responds.

The Galaxy S9 is also expected to feature a dual camera at the back. Given that the Galaxy Note 8 already has one, it’s safe to say that the upcoming flagship will have it as well.

Samsung is likely going to unveil the Galaxy S9 early next year.

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