3D sensor-equipped front camera might improve Galaxy S9 facial recognition

Rumors about the Galaxy S9 have now started coming in as it’s going to be the next flagship smartphone from Samsung. The latest suggests that the Galaxy S9 facial recognition functionality will be improved courtesy of a 3D sensor-equipped front camera.

The Galaxy S8 already offers facial recognition as well as iris recognition. The handset also features a fingerprint sensor at the back which many feel isn’t placed in a comfortable position. Looks like Samsung might switch things up a bit next year.

Galaxy S9 Facial Recognition

The latest whispers out of China suggest that the Galaxy S9 is going to feature a 3D sensor-equipped front camera. This will enable the handset to offer more advanced facial recognition functionality. Not only will it be more accurate, it may also offer gains in the safety and speed departments.

Naturally, this shouldn’t be taken as gospel. It’s an unverified rumor out of China. Nothing is set in stone right now as far as the Galaxy S9 is concerned.

The technology is likely going to be similar to the TrueDepth system that Apple has introduced with the iPhone X last month. However, the company’s component suppliers are struggling with yield issues which will impact the iPhone X’s supply. Samsung will have to work these issues out to ensure that it doesn’t have to deal with this for the Galaxy S9.

Enhanced Galaxy S9 facial recognition will certainly be well received. However, this possibly leaves the iris and fingerprint sensor’s future in jeopardy. If Samsung can improve facial recognition to a point where it feels comfortable ditching the fingerprint or iris scanner, the question is, should it?

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