[Update] Galaxy Note 4 Blueborne patch released by Verizon

Verizon has released the Galaxy Note 4 Blueborne patch today. The carrier has been doing a good job recently of updating older devices with the latest security updates. This particular security update is a fix for the Blueborne Bluetooth vulnerability.

You may have heard about Blueborne recently. Discovered recently, it exposes countless Android devices to a potential takeover by hackers. This Bluetooth vulnerability also affects Linux, Windows and some versions of iOS.

The vulnerabilities allow for remote code execution which enables attackers to completely takeover the target device without the user even knowing. The attacker can then launch any app, install malicious code and even siphon data off of the device.

Verizon is now rolling out firmware version N910VVRS2CQE1 for this handset. The official changelog mentions that this firmware brings the Galaxy Note 4 Blueborne patch. The changelog also mentions that this firmware brings the “most up to date” Android security patches.

Verizon doesn’t exactly specify if it’s talking about the September security patch in cryptic terms. Nevertheless, the important thing here is that the Galaxy Note 4 Blueborne patch is included and that’s good enough for now.

There are newer devices that have yet to receive this fix. Hopefully, Samsung and Verizon will send the fix out for them in the near future.

Update: We’ve discovered that the latest build for the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 is N910VVRU2CQI2. The carrier’s support page isn’t up to date, apparently.

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