Netflix starts supporting HDR video streaming on the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung started supporting HDR content on its high-end smartphones and TVs last year. The Galaxy Note 7 was the first smartphone from the company to support HDR. Later, the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Note 8 were released with HDR capable displays as well. However, Netflix, one of the major producer and distributor of HDR content didn’t support HDR on any of Samsung’s smartphones, but that appears to have changed now.

Netflix’s support page now lists the Galaxy Note 8 as one of the supporting devices for HDR content playback through its video streaming app. The Galaxy Note 8 supports HDR10 format, and its screen can reach a peak brightness of up to 1,200 nits. The video streaming giant is yet to support the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Tab S3 even though these devices have screens that are perfectly capable of displaying HDR videos. Let’s hope Netflix adds supports for all the remaining HDR-capable devices from Samsung soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Netflix HDR

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