Samsung and Amazon make Galaxy Note 7 the first smartphone to support HDR streaming

The Galaxy Note 7 is a phone of many firsts. It’s the first handset to feature Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 and it’s also the first Note that’s completely water resistant. That’s not all though as the Galaxy Note 7 is also the first smartphone to support content streaming in High Dynamic Range or HDR. To make this possible Samsung teamed up with Amazon which owns and operates one of the few online streaming services that offer HDR content streaming.

Content streaming is one of the biggest uses of smartphones these days and customers keep demanding a better viewing experience on mobile. Even though HDR is the gold standard for TV picture quality it’s still limited to expensive TVs like the ones Samsung makes. To make this possible, Samsung took its powerful TV chipsets and adapted them to mobile. Samsung’s new mobile DNIe chip optimizes battery life while HDR video is being played on the Galaxy Note 7 and powers Samsung’s most advanced imaging processing engine to date. With hardware out of the way, Samsung needed a partner that could provide HDR content streaming and it found that in Amazon. The retail giant’s Amazon Prime video streaming service has a growing library of HDR content which can be streamed on-demand by Prime subscribers in all its HDR glory on the Galaxy Note 7.


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