Samsung secures first batch of Snapdragon 845 CPUs for the Galaxy S9

Samsung has reported reserved the first batch of Snapdragon 845 CPUs for the upcoming Galaxy S9. The octa-core processor, which was inadvertently leaked when Qualcomm lodged a complaint against Apple with the International Trade Commission back in July, is the successor to the Snapdragon 835.

This won’t be the first time that the firm has teamed up with Qualcomm, though. It previously reached an agreement to acquire the first shipment of Snapdragon 835 CPUs for the Galaxy S8—and that win-win deal went smoothly, so it’s only natural that they want to work together again.

In line with its predecessor, the Galaxy S9 will only ship with a Snapdragon processor in China and the United States. It should come with the Samsung’s next-generation in-house CPU—dubbed the Exynos 8900—in all other markets, including Germany, India and, of course, the United Kingdom.

Earlier today, we reported that the Galaxy S9 could be the South Korean company’s first modular smartphone. It’s expected to sport an array of magnetic connectors, which will let you attach a ton of different accessories, like a battery pack, a gamepad and a 360-degree camera.

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