Android apps on Chromebook Pro will be in beta at launch

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January, Samsung launched the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro. The latter was developed in collaboration with Google and thus it has support for Android apps. The Chromebook Pro also features a 360-degree rotating touchscreen display and a digitized pen.

Samsung released the Chromebook Plus soon after launch but it has kept customers waiting for the Chromebook Pro. It finally started taking pre-orders for the Chromebook Pro a few days back and is now going to release the device on May 28.

The Chromebook Pro’s release was delayed due to compatibility problems with Android apps. The apps weren’t working properly for it so the issue had to be sorted out before the device, touted as being “Designed for Google Play,” could be released.

Kan Liu, senior director of product management for Chrome OS, confirmed to The Verge that the Chromebook Pro is going to be released on May 28 and that it’s going to have support for Android apps running on Nougat. It’s the first time that Google is shipping this new version.

He also pointed out that Android apps on Chrome OS will be in beta when the Chromebook Pro launches. They won’t have full support for window resizing, split-view and docking to the side of the display. These features will arrive later this year.

Liu did say that Android apps on Chrome OS are “80 percent” ready and that he’s pushing his team to finish work on the features that are not yet available.


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