Samsung Chromebook Pro delayed, Android apps for Chrome could be the cause

Samsung showcased the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro at CES earlier this year. The Chromebook Pro, which was designed in partnership with Google to run Android apps, has a 360-degree rotating touchscreen display and a digitized pen. It was supposed to be launched sometime in April, but it looks like the launch has been delayed.

The Verge is reporting that the reason behind the delay in Chromebook Pro’s launch could be Android apps on Chrome OS. The laptop was “Designed for Google Play,” but Android apps still run a bit janky on Google’s Chrome OS. The internet search giant might be taking some extra time to make sure that Android apps run smoother on Samsung’s upcoming laptop.

A Samsung spokesperson emailed to The Verge to say that the “Chromebook Pro will be available later this spring. Chromebook Plus is available for purchase online and in-store now.” The last day of Spring this year is June 19th, so we expect Samsung to launch the Chromebook Pro sometime in May or June. The laptop’s official price hasn’t been revealed yet.

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This thing still isn’t out? They should announce it closer to the release date otherwise whoever wants to buy one will forget about its existence or buy something else.