Samsung reportedly developing a new Chromebook Pro

Samsung reignited interest in high-end Chromebooks with the Chromebook Pro which was launched in 2017. The company has since launched updated variants of the Chromebook Plus and it has long been due to launch a new Pro variant. A new report suggests that the company may have begun work on a new Chromebook Pro.

It’s still early days so not a lot of information is available about this new device right now. However, it’s believed that the new Chromebook Pro may feature Intel’s 9th Generation Comet Lake processors. The chips aren’t going to arrive until later this year.

The new Chromebook Pro may not be unveiled before CES next year

Samsung did launch a handful of new Chromebook Plus variants late last year which included one LTE model as well. It had quietly relaunched the Chromebook Pro with a backlit keyboard earlier. So it’s definitely time for Samsung to come out with a new Chromebook for power users.

ChromeUnboxed has spotted the addition of this new Chromebook to the Chromium repositories. It’s unclear what features this device, codenamed “Kohaku” is going to have. There’s enough evidence in the repositories to suggest that this is a Samsung device. This includes emails from one Jongpil Jung who has worked on almost every Samsung Chromebook over the past few years.

It’s believed that this is Samsung’s next flagship Chromebook. Considering the development timeline, we may not see the device until the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. This means that we’ll most likely be hearing more about the device as Samsung’s work on the new Chromebook continues.

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