Galaxy Note 8 to sport a 6.3-inch display

Back in March, we exclusively revealed that Samsung had started development of its successor to the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, and now a report has surfaced online claiming that the Galaxy Note 8 is set to sport a 6.3-inch display — presumably with a tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio — which is a mere 0.1-inches larger than the panel on board the Galaxy S8+.

The report also corroborates recent rumors suggesting that the handset will feature a dual-camera configuration, though it’s not expected to be the firm’s first device to have one. A relatively reliable Chinese tipster has reason to believe that the camera system will debut on the long-rumored foldable Galaxy X ahead of the Galaxy Note 8′s release.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a great deal of information about the Galaxy Note 8 — but we’re expecting some pretty big things. After all, Samsung’s going to have to pull out all the stops if it wants to win over the three-to-four million customers that were forced to return their Galaxy Note 7 last year after it was left with no other choice but to issue a global recall.

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8 days 10 hours ago

I am truly surprised that NOBODY has said that they want the fake leathery plastic REMOVABLE backs that even I NEVER broke to return with removable battery!

7 days 22 hours ago

I would love to have the SII cover back. You could almost fold it like a paper hat and it would remain unscathed. Very light. I don’t get it why they stick with heavy and slippery glass everywhere.

9 days 8 minutes ago

If they bring back the finger print reader in front I will pick one up. The crap in back is retarded. How are we to unlock a phone when its sitting face up on a table? Drill a large hole through the table and line it up?

8 days 17 hours ago

the fingerprint reader has a bonus feature. Its fingerprint gestures which lets you pull down notifications without awkwardly reaching to the tall of the extra tall phone. I hope they keep the fingerprint reader the way it is because of the gestures feature.

8 days 27 minutes ago

That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. “A bonus feature”? It was a main selling point for security while using Samsung pay just a few devices ago!
Gestures are maybe a bonus feature and that’s it. The reader itself is a main feature that other apps also use to identify you for logins and such.

9 days 19 minutes ago

I’m still rocking a Note 5 and never got the opportunity of getting the Note 7…the day I was going to pick one up, they stopped sales nationwide. I am definitely waiting for the Note 8 and I’m very happy Samsung contuined the Note series. It’s a great business device that handles everything I need it for!

9 days 16 hours ago

This will be my first time SKIPPING A GALAXY.

i already have s7 edge and SELLING IT RIGHT NOW… cause i hate these EDGES. Palm rejection is just terrible, and ram management is plain terrible… basicly everything which is heavier than a gallery gets killed after few minutes and reloads when u try to get back to it.

srrryy.. i had note 3 and 4… wanted the 8… but i bet they will make shitty glass phone again with stupid edges. tsssssshhhhhhh

9 days 23 hours ago

I believe they make smaller tablets (doesn’t amazon make a 6″?) When do we stop distringuishing between phones and tablets?

Billy Amen
10 days 19 minutes ago

If they put back the infrared for the tv remotes… I’ll order 2! I’m so excited to see what they are going to do

10 days 58 minutes ago

I hope they bring something new, like glass without breaking or smudging. Also a good grip would be nice. A swappable battery would be fitting. ;)

But alas, we won’t have all that. More edges, more slippery glass, less hidden battery. It would have less mAh then the S8+ due to the pen.

10 days 4 hours ago

People are talking about the screen, I struggle to understand why Samsung didn’t put another speaker on the bottom bezel and create a beautiful stereo speaker layout on the S8s. it could have been done, and that is what I expect the Note8 will have.

10 days 5 hours ago

My guess based on the fact that the latest years the Note series have just been a S-series with pen: a design very much the same as the S8, but with the fingerprint sensor under the screen (as they wanted with the S8) and a couple of useless bragging functionality that we are never going to use on a daily basis.

10 days 6 hours ago

I am ready for it ;)

10 days 14 hours ago

Please Samsung DO NOT make a note 8 with a 6.3 screen. It Will be too tall and too skinny. Could you please re-release the note 7R internationally. This was my favorite note.

10 days 10 hours ago

I’m typing this from the Note 7, however I’ve also played with the S8+ and I certainly prefer the S8 + aspect ratio.

10 days 15 hours ago

Bezels look thinner than the S8…. so this will be the same size or smaller? Seems pretty weird to me.

10 days 18 hours ago

I bet it will sport same CPU and same ram as s8 to save money with new camera only

10 days 18 hours ago

@billywongwashere: Yes and no. It will sport the S835 and Exynos 8895 but produced with a even better energy efficient production method. Also the S835 was downclocked to 2.35Ghz from 2.45 and a similiar thing likely happened to the Exynos 8895. maybe the Note 8 CPU will be clocked higher.

10 days 21 hours ago

I’m looking forward to the new screen ratio, as an engineer using AutoCad on the Note, this ratio will be a huge win for me, no more sideways scrolling for schematics. I’ll see it all on one screen. Really looking forward to this device regardless of if it’s bigger than S8 or not, the longer screen is a Godsend! It’s a business device and this is how it should be. Thumbs up!!

Waqas Hussain
10 days 21 hours ago

It’s going to have a huge screen but the screen ratio is going to ruin it, if only they could have kept it the size of the Note 7 but then increased the screen to body ratio to around 85%< whilst keeping it 16:9.

A Sweaty Womble
10 days 22 hours ago

When is the Note supposed to launch? I’ve forgotten the usual month. If it’s around the time of me getting my money I’ll be buying it.

10 days 21 hours ago

Around the first week of September!

A Sweaty Womble
10 days 20 hours ago

Cheers! That’ll be bang on the money then! Woo hoo. :D

Ken Henderson
10 days 22 hours ago

I can’t wait for the Note 8. I hope they give some sort of loyaltly deal to those of us who had to return the Note 7 and stuck with the Galaxy or Samsung family of products.

10 days 22 hours ago

Don’t mind a large 6,3″ infinity display with a little dual curve, but only if it have a normal 16:9 aspect ratio.

10 days 23 hours ago

Can´t wait for more information

10 days 23 hours ago

I think you meant “mere 10th of an inch larger”? Isn’t the S8+ a 6.2″ screen?

10 days 23 hours ago

That’s a tad too big :( I was hoping it would be just as big as the S8+, its size is acceptable. I’ve been purely a Note user since the Note 2 and honestly thought 5.7″ was the sweet spot.