[Exclusive] Galaxy Note 8 codename and model number, refurbished Note 7 in development for South Korea

With the Galaxy Note 7 seeing an early demise, Samsung knows it has to hit it out of the park with the Galaxy Note 8 to make a proper comeback, and it looks like the company has taken the task to heart. According to our sources, the Galaxy Note 8 is codenamed Great. You read that right. Great, and not Baikal as had been previously rumored. If that’s not a big sign that Samsung is doing all it can to make the Galaxy Note 8 special, we’re not sure what would be.

We have also found out the model number the Galaxy Note 8 will carry. As expected, Samsung is skipping the number 4 (as the Koreans consider it unlucky) and will use SM-N950F for the Galaxy Note 8 (the international unlocked variant, at least). The letter at the end will, as usual, change based on the market. As we had seen with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung will not be using too many different model codes, which helps in rolling out software updates faster than what the company achieved a couple of years ago.

We also have a scoop on a refurbished Galaxy Note 7. According to our sources, Samsung is working on a refurbished Note 7 for the South Korean market, with the device to possibly feature model number SM-N935 and codename Grace R (Refurbished). Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 event at MWC was interrupted by a Greenpeace protestor with the message that the company should recycle components that now sit unused following the Note 7’s discontinuation, and it looks like the organization could get what it wants. We should point out that nothing is confirmed at this point, and the refurbished Note 7 may or may not make its way outside South Korea if it happens to launch sometime later this year.

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