Exclusive: Galaxy S8 code names and the interesting story behind its model numbers

The Galaxy S7 has had a great run this year and it has done quite a bit to improve Samsung’s fortunes. Samsung will obviously want this momentum to continue next year as well so it’s going to have to hit the ball out of the park yet again with its next-generation flagship handset which will presumably be called the Galaxy S8.

We have heard from our insiders that there are two versions of the Galaxy S8 which are internally referred to as Dream and Dream2 and bear model numbers SM-G950 and SMG955 respectively. If you know your Samsung model numbers you might be aware that the Galaxy S7 bears model number SM-G930 and Samsung normally bumps up the model number by 10 whenever it launches a successor. By this logic, the Galaxy S8 should have model number SM-G940 but it doesn’t and there’s a good reason for that.

Tetraphobia – the practice of associating the number 4 with bad luck – is a thing in South Korea. The number 4 is usually skipped in the country’s hospitals and public buildings while in some buildings the 4th floor is denoted by the alphabet F instead of the number 4. Samsung has done this in the past as well when it assigned model number GT-I9300 to the Galaxy S3 but GT-I9500 to the Galaxy S4.

There have been some rumors recently that Samsung might only launch an edge variant of the Galaxy S8. We hear that two versions of the next flagship handset are in the pipeline right now but since there’s quite a long way to go before the Galaxy S8 is due, who knows, Samsung might end up dropping one. The Galaxy S8 will be launched early next year.

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7 months 14 days ago

u r wrong
s4&note4 have the number 4
and s5 is g900 and s6 g920
Samsung do what she want in naming devices

7 months 15 days ago

we dont need ip68 and 67 we just need good devices like S3 and S4 , the s4 was the best smartphone ever at that time.

7 months 15 days ago

Yet, s5, s6, and s7 best smartphone ever launched.

7 months 15 days ago

Well I’ve had all those phones, they were good way back then, now they’re not really premium phones any more. But there are plenty of cheap plastic phones available if you don’t want a Samsung., or you can get a cheaper Samsung with a replaceable battery too. For flagships you can get an LG G5, V10 or V20. Plenty of options for you.

7 months 15 days ago

Boy that didn’t work out to well with the note series ( skipping a number ) … note 5 to note 7…
maybe it’s chen… lol should have left well enough alone

7 months 15 days ago

And 8 is usually a lucky number.

One version is an edge phone I guess.
The second version is for military use and doubles as frag grenade. :P

7 months 15 days ago

this really made me chuckle! ;)

7 months 15 days ago

If they had Tetraphobia, why was there a S4 and a Note 4?

7 months 15 days ago

Wouldn’t it be weird to go from S3 to S5 and from Note 3 to Note 5? It’s just something they would have to live with I guess

7 months 15 days ago

I hope there are design changes with S8, particularly on its usability. The ‘edgy’ design looks nice, but combine with glass back it is making the phone more fragile, and harder to hold/grip as well. Removable battery feature comeback would be a dream too

7 months 15 days ago

A removable battery is only a dream. Though imagine if there had been a removable battery in the Note7. They would only have needed to recall the batteries. However I think for build quality, and ip68 water resistance, the removable battery is dead and gone, apart from cheaper mid range devices.