PSA: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will not fast charge if the screen is on

It’s common knowledge that smartphones charge faster if they’re left sitting idle. Using a phone while it’s charging won’t get you the fastest charging times possible, and with Samsung devices, this holds even more weight. As Phandroid points out, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will not charge fast when the phone is actively used while charging, or even if the screen is on. The fast charging notification will continue to be shown in the status bar, but the devices will charge at regular speeds.

This has been the case since the Galaxy S6, and since all Samsung devices continue to use the same fast charging technology (Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, or Adaptive Fast Charging as Samsung calls it) even today, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ suffer from the same limitation. Phandroid tested things out on the Galaxy S8 – the phone took only 1 hours and 37 minutes to go from 0 to 100 when the screen was off, while charging time went up to nearly 3 hours (2 hours 51 minutes, to be precise) when the screen was kept on at all times during charging. That’s only for the S8 with its 3,000 mAh battery, and the S8+ will no doubt be even slower.

It’s rare for someone to use their phone for the entirety of the charging period, especially when they are topping it up from 0 to 100. But it’s still good to keep in mind that you will see your phone charging faster if you just leave it be and refrain from turning the screen on too much. Why Samsung has the limitation in place is unclear. It could be a way of ensuring the device doesn’t overheat (fast charging tends to heat up a phone more than regular charging), but whatever the reason might be, it’s clear that fast charging works best on the company’s flagships when they are left sitting idle.


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5 days 12 hours ago

Will it fast charge with the Always on display activated?

7 days 22 minutes ago

jesus people, give up. get A PET.if its not flamegate its screengate or chargegate.i says its pessimists or iphone owners that keep bashing a good thing. i dont give a damn if a troller cant dig duh no charge if onscreen. who gaf anyway.

7 days 7 hours ago


7 days 22 hours ago

Definitively Lithium and heat do not love each other. But then again Samsung wrote in its warranty that the “oh so ingenious” built-in battery is covered for at least 6 months. Thus, compromise the end user, by selling him something which works only when the stars align … instead of just having a replaceable battery. And people encourage this, by paying ever increasingly prices. Next version they’ll do like Sony, make camera only be allowed to be switched on if phone is cool … :)

8 days 22 hours ago

After the ultimate update… the edge notification light is very thin… somebody have this problem?

7 days 20 minutes ago

no its not.

9 days 2 hours ago

This safety feature is what makes my s7edge charge wirelessly in over 3hrs and 30mins. The stupid thing is that it does also when is shutdown so … i paid more money for a fast wireless charger when the phone is charging at the rate of using a normal wireless charger. By the way, i exchanged 3 phones and 4 fast wireless charging stands and the same result.

10 days 3 hours ago

I have this problem with exynos

10 days 7 hours ago

where can i send screen caps, mine charges FULL screen left on and fast charges

10 days 4 hours ago

The snapdragons dont charge fast with screen on, the exynos do. I use apps that keep the screen on and run the app. While watching youtube from 7% to 100% it took 1hr 38min roughly to do a full charge

10 days 7 hours ago

Yeah, I definitely think its to stop over heating, I know first hand with my S6 edge+ that a constantly over heating battery kills the battery life (it was due to a bug that went unfixed for 2 months). I think they’ve stuck with Quick Charge 2.0 to prevent overheating of the battery, or maybe their new longer lasting battery would only be compatible with 2.0
I would admit, charging times are a little on the slow side, compared to other android flagships, but if the price of it is I get a longer lasting battery with continuous strong battery life. I’ll happily accept it.

10 days 4 hours ago

I agree. Samsung claims that the S8 will only lose 5% battery capacity during a typical one year charge cycle. If that’s true I think this decision is absolutely worth it.
My S6 lost about 30% capacity over 1 1/2 years so I had to replace the battery..

10 days 8 hours ago

My s8+ takes 1hr 45min to fully charge in fast charge mode using cable
when not using device its around 1hr 30min to fully charge

10 days 4 hours ago

i agree this artical is another BullS*** artical, I keep noticing so many fake articals on this site or misleading. Like bixby being only in Korea when its also in UAE. Or putting phone released in india or korea only when UAE got it absolute 1st on april 11th. and i have my shipping box with date. Sammobile stop writting incorrect or misleading artical and copy and pasting other peoples work

9 days 18 hours ago

Like I said before, check your mail my friend! I wanted to have proof of Bixby voice working there.

9 days 9 hours ago

And i have checked my mail NOTHING in there Inbox contains 0 messages. You have 0 messages stored, of a total 50 allowed. (Empty Folder)

10 days 8 hours ago

But oneplus dash charge will even work when screen is on
Thats the biggest difference

9 days 21 hours ago

When a battery gets hot is not good for the longetivity of the battey shelf life.
So when you fast charge, keep the display on and use it for tasks which also heats up the phone/battery, it will lead to additional stress for the battery and therefore will have a bad impact on it.

10 days 8 hours ago

and its battery will also last half an hour
thats the biggest difference

10 days 7 hours ago

At half the price .. hahahaha ..
Thats the biggest difference..