Samsung will fix the Galaxy S8′s display issue by way of a software update

According to ZDNet, Samsung will distribute a software update for the Galaxy S8 to fix an issue that some early adopters have been experiencing, which resulted in a slight reddish tint appearing on the handset’s display.

The upgrade will reportedly regulate the color balance of the device, restoring the white tones, while also increasing the color range that users can choose should they want to manually tweak the appearance of their Galaxy S8′s screen.

Much to our dismay, a Samsung spokesman failed to provide an exact release date for the update. Although, media outlets in South Korea expect it to start making the rounds next week.


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2 months 17 hours ago

Does someone else also have this light bleeding from the side of the frame? I have it on top at the right corner and right bottom corner on my midnight black s8 plus. Also around the eaepeace it “glows” around turning the brightness all the wat up. Is this normal ? Anyone have the same issue ?

2 months 1 day ago

The April update to the S8+ brought enhanced facial recognition security. There’s now an option to turn on or off the old less secure method that was quicker. It might be eyes, but Iris unlock unfortunately doesn’t work in the dark for me. They jus don’t recognise mine.

2 months 1 day ago

Look to the upper part of the display or directly to the infrared, that will speed up the iris unlock.

2 months 1 day ago

Iris work better in low light conditions!

2 months 1 day ago

Ok so handsets sold are knowingly faulty, cannot say i have noticed this on my S8+

A Sweaty Womble
2 months 1 day ago

Not even a fault… It’s more of a software mishap. Software mishaps happen to all phones and can be fixed easily, according to Samsung even by the user, so not an issue end of story, goodbye, the end.

Horus Osiris
2 months 17 hours ago

I think not, it is a hardware issue

2 months 16 hours ago

I think not. It is a software issue…

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