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Galaxy S8 Tip: Let the callee know that your call is important using this feature

The Galaxy S8 or S8+, which were officially launched today, come with a newer user interface with improved icons and a lot of new features. One of those features is the Important Call feature in its dialer app. When you want to let the other person (the callee) know that you need to talk to them urgently, you can activate this option through the dialer app.

When the Important Call feature is activated by the caller, the callee can see the Important Call tag in front the caller’s name. The person will then know that it’s an important call, so they won’t miss it even if they’re in a meeting. The Important Call tag also shows up in the call log section. However, this feature just works between two Galaxy S8/S8+ devices as of now.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Important Call Feature

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