Samsung discusses how it “redefined what’s possible in safety” with the Galaxy S8

When Samsung launches a new product, it typically takes to its Newsroom to share an interview shedding light on the creative process — and as expected, it’s done the same for the Galaxy S8, but (rightfully) shifted the focus towards the safety practices it put into place, like an 8-Point Battery Safety Check, to ensure something like the Galaxy Note 7 debacle doesn’t happen again.

Funnily enough, a few questions we actually had were answered during the interview, like whether the Galaxy S8 has received third-party certification and what the firm’s main priority while developing the handset was. If you’d like to find out answers to these questions too, hit the source link below to read the full Q&A over on Samsung’s website. It’s pretty interesting.

The South Korean company also shared a short video detailing the Battery Safety Check process for the Galaxy S8, which you can check out below.


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