[Firmware now online] Samsung releases Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy Note 5 in India

It has only been a couple of weeks since Samsung released the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Galaxy Note 5 in Turkey. We knew that it was only a matter of time before the update made its way to other markets across the globe. Last week, Nougat for the Galaxy Note 5 was released in 8 additional markets. Today, Samsung is rolling it out in India.

The Galaxy Note 5 (SM-G920G) is now receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update in India. Firmware version N920GDDU3CQC7 is being rolled out for the handset. Since it’s a major update, it weighs in at just over 1GB.

The update bumps up the core Android OS to version 7.0 and brings all of the features that are part and parcel of Nougat. It brings the improved user interface as well as features like Multi-Window, Samsung Pass, improved Notifications experience, and more. Check out our video detailing Nougat features for the Galaxy Note 5 down below.

Samsung has started rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy Note 5 in India starting today. It may take a while for the update to go live across all regions of the country.

Update: The Nougat firmware for the Note 5 in India (and a couple of other countries with the same model) are now available from our firmware section.


Thanks, Yogesh!

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9 days 20 hours ago

when come 7.1.2 Samsung galaxy note 5

Please make fast

Sabari Anandan
20 days 11 hours ago

Nougat OTA update available for Indian SM-N9208 now :)

Anurak Prachankhet
20 days 20 hours ago

my note 5 SM-N920P got update to Nougat this mornig ( i lived in NZ)

22 days 4 hours ago

N920S pls!

Manash Talukdar
22 days 11 hours ago

guys this isnt an official samsung site u know that right??

22 days 23 hours ago

Still no update for note 5 sm 9208. Very poor updates.

Aarthi Shetty
22 days 23 hours ago

I have still not received nougat update on note 5 sm 9208 dual sim.Samsung has lost the touch.Too slow

24 days 7 hours ago

Not got nougat for my note 5 dual sim variant…..in india….still waiting…….TOO SLOW SAMSUNG FOR A FLAGSHIP DEVICE….no priority given of buying a Rs. 53000 phone…..SAMSUNG is worst company i hv ever seen !!! Soon shifting to APPLE best in all….timely updates aswell !!!!!!

25 days 11 hours ago


27 days 1 hour ago

S6 Edge+ started receiving Nougat in India

28 days 3 hours ago

Samsung pay stopped working after I factory reset the phone after nougat update. Keeps saying samsung pay will be available on your device soon. It was working before I updated and also after the update. Only after the factory reset it is stuck.

Anyone having this issue?

28 days 11 hours ago

In india which are all the devices will get android Nougat?

jay bhavsar 09
28 days 13 hours ago

Yes finally it arrived and it’s just awsme

28 days 12 hours ago

Bro, please describe performance & features compared to Marshmallow. Thanks, and one more thing I have not received Nogut update for my Note 5 N9208(Duos), are the Firmware’s different ? Please help.

26 days 14 hours ago

Same here … Not received for my 64gb dual sim yet … Wonder if the firmware for single sim would work on my n9208 duos

28 days 6 hours ago

This specific update is for the single SIM variant only, so, yeah, let’s hope the Duos variant gets updated soon too.

26 days 13 hours ago

Can we not install this single sim update by downloading?

23 days 18 hours ago

you can update your phone with single sim rom but all the functions of 2nd sim wont work and the phone wont read the 2nd sim. rest everything works perfectly.

28 days 8 hours ago

The same question, I have a Galaxy Note 5 Duos. Shall we expect an upgrade soon for that variant as well?

28 days 14 hours ago

Why still no firmware uploaded? This is only OTA?

28 days 22 hours ago

My Note 5 duos N9208 in India does not receive any such updates, do I need to wait for updates or is there any problem with my phone or the Firmware’s are different for N920G & N9208 , confused please help !!

26 days 12 hours ago

I still didn’t get android 7.0 on my NOTE 5 DUOS

29 days 1 hour ago

I live in Thailand, my Note 5 received nougat on Friday 24th, since then I have had major sounds problems. Most notification sounds, s pen, undock, alarm and ringtones and others disappear. This happens daily. A restart fixes the issue.

Factory reset, cleared cache second one at the Samsung customer service centre, but it happened again.

Has anyone else had this issue?
Any help will be great.

29 days 3 hours ago

What about Nougat update for S6 Edge Plus in India? It was a newer model than Note 5 and yet to receive an update. Poor Poor.

28 days 5 hours ago

Bruh, the main flagship of the year gets updated first (S7/Edge in this case), then the main flagships of the previous year (S6/edge in this case) and then the Note along with any other variants of the main flagship(s), such as a ‘plus’ or Active variant.
Samsung followed that sequence in other major regions but for whatever reason screwed it up in India by delaying S6/edge’s update and pushing it to Note 5 (and now to edge+) first. Note 5 & edge+ users should be happy that they got the update before S6/edge did

29 days 1 hour ago

It should start soon, S6 edge+ and Note 5 usually get updates around the same time in India, shouldn’t be different with Nougat.

Vignesh Shanmugam
29 days 4 hours ago

anyone updated. im waiting to see how performance is in other devices

29 days 5 hours ago

What about Galaxy S6?

Vignesh Shanmugam
29 days 4 hours ago

it is an older device compared to note 5 so wait

28 days 4 hours ago

Technically, S6/edge should get updated first, followed by Note 5 & edge+. And that IS how they did it in other regions. The S line-up gets updated before the Note line-up every year. But for some reason unfathomable, they messed up the order for India

28 days 23 hours ago

In All the other regions Galaxy S6 Got Nougat update first!

sanjay kapoor
29 days 5 hours ago


29 days 5 hours ago

Yet no update for the S6 G920I variant even though the 7.0 update came out for S6 (G920F) before it did for Note 5. RIP

29 days 6 hours ago

My S7 edge still on marshmallow and December security patch. Portugal MEO.

29 days 6 hours ago

Verry strange that Galaxy S7 Edge SM G935F LUX last update 6.01 have received in december 2016 and that’s it ! No nougat for us anymore because it looks that Samsung stops the update services for some consumers

Elie Barreto
29 days 6 hours ago

SM-N920P the waiting is killing me

Alexandru Carjan
29 days 7 hours ago

And still no sight of Android 7.0 on my S6 SM-920F