Samsung puts together new quality control team to prevent a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7

It goes without saying that Samsung would never want a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7. The flagship had immense potential but due to battery issues, it had to be recalled and discontinued. Samsung lost billions of dollars due to the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle aside from immense damage to its reputation. The company today announced that it has put together a new team that’s dedicated to product quality control.

Kim Jong-ho, the president and former production chief at shipbuilding affiliate Samsung Heavy Industries, will be the head of this team which is under the direct control of three co-CEOs. “Kim is one of the best specialists in the manufacturing sector. He will be leading quality control and production innovation across all Samsung products, including smartphones and home appliances,” the company said in a statement.

The timing of this announcement is very important as well. Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29. It’s the company’s first flagship smartphone launch after the Galaxy Note 7 so it needs to do everything it can to shake off the impression that its flagship smartphones don’t just combust at will. The announcement of a new product quality team should address some concerns about the company’s commitment to quality control.


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They will have to be fast at proving that S8 explosion assertion are sabotage or fake. If not, they are in deep trouble.