Our new YouTube show ‘Blast From The Past’ takes you down memory lane

If you’re a regular reader of SamMobile you might have noticed that we’ve started some new projects on YouTube such as the Top Stories In Two Minutes segment in which we provide a quick rundown of all of the Samsung-related news from that day. We’ve now launched a new YouTube show called “Blast from the Past” which will take you down memory lane.

The new show is going to highlight Samsung products from years gone by, products that were the center of attention when they first arrived on the scene. In the very first episode of Blast from the past, we’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 which the company was due to launch at IFA 2011 but had to pull it out of the show due to an injunction won by Apple.

There’s more to that story so check out the first episode down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you’re always in the loop when we post new videos.

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There was also a wifi only version wich didn’t get the last update (story of most of my Samsung devices). Originally this tablet came packed with a non optimised version of 3.0 honeycomb. It was only fast after you put cm on it. It also came with a handy USB otg connector. It has the same exynos cpu as the galaxy s2 I thought.