Samsung to launch more AMOLED tablets in 2014

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 didn’t really make much of an impact in the market when it was launched back in late 2011, but many fondly remember it to this day for a single reason – it was the one and only tablet Samsung launched with a Super AMOLED screen, one of the best anyone had ever seen on a tablet back then. Our own Danny is a huge fanboy of that tablet, and now it looks like tablets with AMOLED displays might be making a return to next year.

At Samsung’s Analyst Day event, the company revealed its plans to focus on tablets next year, and it seems it also let slip that it will release more AMOLED tablets. ‘More’ isn’t exactly the right word to use here, since there’s been only one AMOLED tablet from Samsung, but it is quite an exciting piece of info. AMOLED technology has come a long way since 2011, with the Galaxy Note 3’s display being called the best OLED display by display experts recently, so these tablets – whenever they launch – should offer quite the viewing experience.



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My 7.7 (P6810 wi-fi version) is still awaiting a Jelly Bean update. The 3G version (P6800) got it months ago.

As if I’ll ever buy another Samsung tablet again.


7.7 was one of the best tablet i have ever had. still missed the nice display of it.