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Samsung’s return to tablets with AMOLED screens after a short foray into the category with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is something we’re looking forward to, and just when we were wondering when the next AMOLED tablet will arrive, a report from the Korean media has come to offer us some details on the matter. According to the report, Samsung is working on 8-inch and 10-inch tablets with AMOLED displays, and one of them will be launched alongside the Galaxy S5.

Tablets with AMOLED screens will be exclusive to high-end tablets, while the company will continue to use LCD displays for its low-cost and mid-range tablets (such as the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite). Mass production on these large AMOLED screens will begin in early 2014, and the two screen sizes will ensure Samsung has a tablet to compete against both the iPad and iPad mini, while the company works on even larger 13-3-inch tablets that it expects will pave the way for the times when tablets can easily replace laptops.


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4 years 1 month ago

Um helló? Is everybody forgetting about the P6800 which used an 8 inch RGB HD super amoled screen and was released almost two years ago?

(Plus It still beats these 2013 mid range samsung tablets..)

3 years 11 months ago

The 7.7 is the best tablet by far. I still use it as my main phone / tablet. A 3 year old tablet that Samsung forgot about.