Verizon Galaxy Tab 7.7 update reduces electrical consumption during charging

Owners of Verizon’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 (that AMOLED tablet we loved to death over here at SamMobile), your electricity bill might just start coming in a bit lower in the near future, as Verizon has approved an update that reduces electrical consumption during power off charging. Well, okay, so it’s not exactly going to affect your bills noticeably, but it’s always good to see such an old device get an update like this, even if it addresses an issue no one might have noticed in the first place (if only because there aren’t many instances where you have to charge a device after its battery drains completely, are there?)

The update should begin rolling out in the a day or two now that it’s been approved, so be on the lookout for a notification in your status bar for the same. The update comes with software version IMM76D.LP11, by the way.



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