Galaxy S8 case leaks, showing 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port

The battle of the 3.5mm headphone jack has been ongoing, with proponents of both wireless, Bluetooth and headphone jack advocates in deep discussion about whether or not Samsung would continue the feature in the Galaxy S8 since a number of companies such as Motorola, Apple, and even HTC are discontinuing it in smartphones such as the Moto Z, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the HTC Bolt.

We said several weeks ago that there was a strong possibility that the Galaxy S8 would lack the long-cherished 3.5mm headphone jack. Today’s leak, courtesy of Slashleaks, shows an interesting conclusion on the headphone jack/ no jack debate. The case leaked shows some design changes that will differ from the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and now-deceased Galaxy Note 7. First, there will be three buttons on the left side of the phone (Volume Up, Volume Down, Power/Standby), which matches a case render from Ghostek showing three left-side buttons.

Slashleaks galaxy S8 case

Next, there is the camera on the back in its usual cutout spot, with a slight slot above it that may refer to a flash/heart rate monitor slot. Of course, it is in a different position than that of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, but it’s there. This differs from the Ghostek render we saw earlier, however, so there are still some questions about the Galaxy S8 that need sorting out. The microSD card slot returns to the Galaxy S8 at the top, so Samsung is set on giving the microSD card a much-welcomed return.

The most interesting examination of this new Galaxy S8 case shows the bottom of the case (finally!) featuring the USB-C port on the far bottom right as opposed to the bottom middle (continuing the USB-C port found in the Note 7, and – to the celebration of many – the 3.5mm headphone jack is returning. The speaker is placed on the far left, a change from the right-side speaker found in Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy lineup.

What we can draw from this as opposed to the Ghostek render is that casemakers are always producing renders based on rumors and what they deem as credible information. Though I’m inclined to agree with Slashleaks and his case photos as regarding the Galaxy S8, some things will remain up in the air until more information surfaces.


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5 months 9 days ago

2.5 mm instead of 3.5 mm headphone jack? Thank you Sammy for retaining it! s-pen on Galaxy S series? Will it be an exception for S8 (because of Note fiasco) or will it continue henceforth on every Galaxy S device?

5 months 10 days ago

Let’s hope the curve for the s8 is more like that of the note 7

5 months 10 days ago

For me both cuts on the left (top and bottom) look like speakers and the bigger cut seem to be for S-Pen (?). maybe they will leave us with wireless charging only? That way the battery will not explode so easily ;)

5 months 10 days ago

USB c not in the middle… So they are going to sell us a new version of the gear vr they just released the gear vr2 alongside the note 7 that’s some serious issue Samsung…

5 months 10 days ago

I hope it’s true that all buttons is on 1 side :-) hope rather right side, cause one finger using then more user friendly when phone in a case.

5 months 10 days ago

“The microSD card slot returns to the Galaxy S8 at the top, so Samsung is set on giving the microSD card a much-welcomed return.”
Erm, it already returned in the N7 and S7.

I think it is a bit odd to have the volume buttons right and the power button lower than usual.

Top/bottom seems like stereo speakers. No need for direct SD-access in a case. That doesn’t get changed much and you can remove the case to do that.

The small cutout more looks like a microphone opening. A bit too small for a 3,5mm port and you need more space for some headphones to fit. The bigger port is a bit odd for USB-C.

5 months 10 days ago

The cut at the top does look like a top speaker like in the iPhone. I would doubt you need a slot for the micro SD as it’s not something you take out often.

Looking at the design it looks like a slim design and hopefully less than the s8 :) but retain the bigger battery

5 months 10 days ago

as i see this photo , it looks like stereo speakers one at up and other at down and both at same line , a usb type C and an audio jack 3.5 mm . who agree ?

5 months 10 days ago

Drop the S-pen.
S-spen is for Note Series.
This is a Galaxy S8.

5 months 10 days ago

The cut outs towards the left on the top and bottom are identical, which hopefully points to stereo speakers. And the others don’t look like any sort of port for charging. despite this render, its all a bit of a mystery still. Excited for April though, when do invites normally get sent out for the event?

5 months 10 days ago

I’m hoping the larger cutout in the bottom is for an s-pen

5 months 10 days ago

It’s an headphone jack . And mic hole always above . Ps for span they need to make it widder

5 months 10 days ago

It looks like too small of a hole for a headphone jack. It looks more like a microphone cutout to me. Either way, I can’t wait for the official unveiling!

5 months 10 days ago

Obviously it’s a 2.5mm jack isntead of a 3.5mm.

5 months 11 days ago

Interesting render! I like the idea of having all the physical buttons on one location. I still believe that Samsung will remove the headphone jack, however. More and more manufacturers are going to abandon it in 2017 and I think that Samsung doesn’t want to be “left out” by keeping a “dying” piece of tech. Looking forward to everything reported so far!

5 months 11 days ago

3.5mm or spen :O ??????????

5 months 11 days ago

IR blaster at the top? USB-C was obvious and I think it is too soon for them to drop the headphone jack as they did scald other manufacturers for removing it.

5 months 11 days ago

Symmetric stereo speakers

5 months 10 days ago

Hmm, It doesn’t look big enough to be a speaker cutout though and it’s also on the opposite corner to the other speaker.

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