It’s possible that Samsung’s next flagship won’t pack a 3.5mm audio jack

The Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung’s first smartphone to feature a USB Type-C port. It’s been so well-received that the firm is believed to make the push to integrate the connectivity in all of its future flagships. The main reason for this is power. Type-C enables devices to charge a lot faster and transfer data at a higher rate than its predecessor. However, a new specification could provide the it with an additional trick.

USB Type-C has today been granted its much-anticipated Android Device Class 3.0 specification by the USB Implementers Forum, giving manufacturers the technology they need to eliminate the aging 3.5mm jack from their devices without diminishing battery life. Removing the dedicated audio plug will also allow OEMs to create smartphones that are slimmer and have better water resistance capabilities.

It’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee that Samsung will remove the audio jack from its next flagship smartphone. However, it now has the technology its needs to do so, and with the slew of high-quality headphones making their way onto the market, it’s only a matter of a time before it bites the bullet. We just need to be ready to embrace the change; because where one goes, others will follow.

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