Galaxy Note 7 unboxing video from T-Mobile features waterslides and lots of water

There will be countless Galaxy Note 7 unboxing videos on YouTube that you can watch again and again while you wait for your unit to arrive but there won’t be many like the one T-Mobile has made. Samsung brought back water resistance to its Galaxy S series with the Galaxy S7 and T-Mobile drove the point home by unboxing the Galaxy S7 underwater. The Galaxy Note 7 is also water resistant and even the S Pen can hold its own against the element so T-Mobile has stuck with the trend and has actually unboxed the Galaxy Note 7 on a waterslide.

We see T-Mobile’s resident “product dude” Des at the Wild Ways water park as he goes down the waterslide and barely holds on to the phone while he shows off the accessories that are included in the box. As you can imagine the accessories all fly out of his hands as he makes his way down the waterslide. The video walks us through some of the best features of the Galaxy Note 7 such as its brilliant Quad HD display with HDR playback support, iris scanner, 64 gigs of expandable internal memory, USB Type-C port and more. It even shows us the amazing low light performance of the handset’s 12-megapixel rear camera. This is probably the most entertaining Galaxy Note 7 unboxing video that you will see and I do suggest that you check it out.


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