Samsung offering USB Type-C to microUSB adapter with the Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 ditches the microUSB port and offers a USB Type-C port on board. While this might feel alienating to a few users out there, Samsung has considered the scenarios well in advance. In order to avoid any backward compatibility related issues, the company will supply a USB Type-C to microUSB adapter inside the Note 7’s box, similar to how it bundled a USB OTG adapter for data transfer with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. This will help you use any microUSB cable to charge the Galaxy Note 7.

This basically ensures that your existing accessories aren’t obsolete even though you’re taking the leap to a new USB standard. The Galaxy Note 7 will be available for purchase starting August 19 in leading global markets.


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Is it USB 3.0 type C ?


Open your eyes : the company will supply a USB Type-C to microUSB

There is no USB 2 type-C so…