Galaxy S8 rumored to feature 6GB RAM and 256GB internal storage

We will continue to hear conflicting reports about the Galaxy S8′s specifications until the handset is actually launched early next year so don’t completely put your faith in one such rumor or report just yet. Word on the street in China is that the Galaxy S8 will feature 6GB of RAM and that it’s going to offer storage options of up to 256GB.

If this is true, it will be a departure from the strategy that Samsung used with the Galaxy S7 which features just 32GB of internal storage but also supports external expansion via microSD card. Samsung decided to bring back the microSD card slot with the Galaxy S7 after taking a lot of flak for removing it from the Galaxy S6. This new strategy would mean that Samsung matches Apple’s latest iPhone in terms of storage as the iPhone 7 can also be had with up to 256GB of internal storage.

It’s not a simple equation when it comes to RAM. Just because a handset has 8GB of RAM doesn’t mean that it’s going to perform better than a handset with 6GB of RAM. There are many different variables that dictate device performance so it’s never just one component. 6GB of RAM for the Galaxy S8 can be viewed as a logical step up but previous rumors of 8GB RAM for the Galaxy S8 appear to be overkill, at least in my opinion, though I should point out here that just last month Samsung introduced the industry’s first 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM package.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress 2017 in February.


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6 months 28 days ago

Bring back the IR..
That’s the ONE thing S7 is missing.. IMO..
Also.. let us stream what’s playing on our TV to our phones or tablets again..
I used to take the tablet into the man cave to watch rugby while playing pool..
ALSO.. your gallery app is bad.. the older version (where you could stream to network connected TV’s) was great..
Sick of having to load apps.. connect to services.. just to put a photo on my TV screen..

6 months 28 days ago

More RAM is less battery . More RAM wont fix its lagging, wont fix the price, wont fix the exploding batteries. When I started buying phones I figured the more hardware was better and opted for samsung since Apple was locked down. Root the phone and you can actually use the real hardware. Install Kali , install virt-manager etc … do completely insane things with the phone. Thanks to Samdungs retarded approach and basic ” I wanna be an apple clone” atitude, knox was born . Void knox ? warranty issues. Void knox ? deep sleep and battery issues . If I cant use the hardware I-m paying for, then a phone is just a phone and as phones go the one I have right now serves me just fine …

6 months 28 days ago

The phone you needs is the OnePlus 3(T). Samsung has always made to improve their own devices and software. They allow users to personalise their phones to make it there own, altering the root of the phone settings is not safe, I know because when I was a novice I completely bricked my phone on two occasions. and in all honesty, with the improvements in the last two years, I really don’t see why a standard smartphone user might want to root or flash a custom ROM on their phone. Developers and really techy enthusiasts might want to and there are phones for them, but Samsung smartphones are not really made for that. And you really must not be following the news if you still think Samsung are copying Apple. Its been the other way round for a while now.

6 months 28 days ago

I give you quite a few big reasons (although I never did it, considered it several times though … but due to incompatibility with corporate apps decided against it):
- to unlock the hardware’s full potential (see camera APIs which Samsung did not fully port, or SD card as internal storage adoption support, etc.)
- to receive more updates (than Samsung gives) – yes, the Sx and NoteX phones so far have been treated generously with Security Fixes this year, but there are good Samsung phones out there, which due to the small customer base never really got any update (not talking even about security fixes) – such an example is the Galaxy Alpha, which has more potent hardware, than most of the phones shelled out by the company, except the flagships (basically it is a S5+ – which got actually updated due to the big user base – but without microSD and IR blaster) …
- to avoid the “Samsung wants you to buy the next phone” update – as in several cases until now (since the S1 up to today) – every time when the new flagships came out – Samsung pushed updates to the older phones “to make them work better” in so far, as to those devices becoming unresponsive and and lagging even on basic tasks (such as mp3 playing) – so you just had to buy the new thing, which was working somewhat smoother …

But I also understand the necessity of Knox unfortunately … even if currently it is the biggest security hole in the Samsung phones …

But yes, I am of the opinion that Samsung is fighting strongly against Apple – thus limiting its user base to “shiny phone” users, instead of covering all segments (by adding a lot of features) – as they did previously, and copying the design and usability of iPhones as much as possible, and even providing a lot of tools to convert Apple file formats to Samsung file formats. The big problem with this is, that once a viable solution comes along for not upgrading your phone every year – this scheme will drop, as there are quite a lot of players out there which are maturing slowly.

6 months 28 days ago

It doesn’t matter how much RAM samsung puts in their phones. It will still have RAM management issues and slow performance…This is just to show that bigger is better hype and nothing more. In real world performance, these galaxy phones fail hard compared to iphones and even some android phones.

6 months 28 days ago

I don’t think that they are going to release a 256GB variant by skipping the 64GB/128GB variants.
I really hope that the S8 will come with 64GB internal storage with Micro SD support.
It would be nice to see a 4k/60fps or at least a 2k/60fps video recording capability and a 4k-Display for VR. It would be also cool, if they would go for a 16-Megapixel-Camera by improving the sensor size.
They should improve the speaker quality by using Stereo Speakers. (not crappy like the one on the iPhone)
An SPen would be also great for the bigger model! ( I miss the SPen, since I sold my Note edge)
I’m going to buy the Galaxy S8 anyway, since I was not able to get the Note 7 because of the recall and stayed with my S7 edge.

6 months 28 days ago

I can understand reason for 6gb to ensure it doesn’t fall further behind the Chinese brands with their spec sheets. Agreed that spec doesn’t fully show overall performance. Look at apple and their software optimisation.

Will be good for Samsung to ditch the 32gb as it’s showing its age and limitations with ever growing app sizes.

Realistically they will realise 64gb as base and other memry size variant as options.

Let’s be honest… Does anyone have a 64gb s7? Did they ever release this?

I would be happy with 256 GB and wouldn’t be bothered if I have no sd card

6 months 28 days ago

The Note 7 did bring about 64GB as the minimum, so the S8 should be the same. Let’s just hope Samsung actually makes higher storage variants available everywhere, right now they’re limited to the point of being non-existent.

6 months 28 days ago

This could be indeed the case for the 5.7 edge variant with the dual camera setup. The micro sd slot could be sacrificed to gain place for the second camera. There will be only a 6 gb ram version

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