South Korea’s state-run laboratory is reportedly reinvestigating the Galaxy Note 7

It all started to go downhill for the Galaxy Note 7 when replacement units that were promised to be safe started catching fire as well. Samsung was in the process of replacing over two million original Galaxy Note 7 handsets that were recalled after the fires were reported. It said that a battery cell issue had been identified and that the replacement units it was sending out no longer had the issue. That didn’t turn out to be the case and Samsung had to ultimately discontinue the Galaxy Note 7. South Korea’s state-run Korea Testing Laboratory launched an investigation into the matter when replacement units started catching fire as well. Local media reports say that the laboratory is now reinvestigating the ill-fated flagship.

When it was first confirmed that the Korea Testing Laboratory would be looking into the matter, it was reported that the lab would receive five Galaxy Note 7 units from Samsung that had caught fire. It was going to use X-ray and computerized tomography to determine what happened. Local reports say that the Korea Testing Laboratory didn’t actually collect the devices from Samsung so the investigation never really started.

The lab’s chief Lee Won-bok promised to conduct an investigation after Samsung announced that it was discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7. According to reports, the Korea Testing Laboratory will now announce the final result after investigating both the original and the replacement Galaxy Note 7 units. It’s unclear how much time the lab is going to take to ascertain the cause. Samsung is still looking into the fires and has promised to make the findings of its investigations public.

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