Exclusive: Samsung Gear S2 upcoming update preview

We exclusively reported last week that Samsung is preparing a major update, one that adds new features and makes various user experience improvements, for the Gear S2. We managed to get a few images of this new update in action on the watch, and as you will see below there are quite a few new things on offer.

On the convenience front, Samsung has made a huge change – you no longer need to pick up your paired smartphone to install recommended apps on the watch, as you can see in the images below. The same extends to a few watch faces as well.

Over in the world clock app for the Gear S2, Samsung has switched to a flatter design. The clock face now turns white during the day and goes dark at nighttime. Clicking on one of the displayed times will get you sunrise and sunset information as well.

In the weather app (powered by Accuweather), Samsung has added UV index information. It doesn’t give you tips on what you should do based on the UX levels, but at least you can know if you need to put on some sunscreen before going out.

Now, for the biggest user-facing feature: You can set your own photos as a watchface. You can add up to 10 images, which the watch will cycle through every time you wake up the display.

As we mentioned in our previous exclusive, there are a few other changes as well. S Voice will gain a couple of new functions (like being able to fire up a timer with a voice command), there is a separate contacts app now in addition to phone and messages, and the watch will allow the user to manage notifications when there are no unread notifications. Look forward to this update rolling out in the coming weeks; we will be sure to let you know once it becomes available.

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