Eldar Murtazin says Galaxy Note 7 will have a 3,600 mAh battery, reiterates leaked specs

With a little over a month remaining before the Galaxy Note 7’s alleged official reveal, the rumor mill is expected to shift into higher gear with each passing day. Many of the Note 7’s specs have been revealed by various sources in recent weeks, and another source – one that has both been right and wrong about upcoming Samsung devices – has published a slew of details on Samsung’s next flagship.

Eldar Murtazin has written a pretty big “preview” of the Note 7 with information on various aspects. Murtazin’s sources confirm most of the specs that have been leaked until now, except for the battery. Apparently, the Note 7 will have a 3,600 mAh battery like the S7 edge instead of a 4,000 mAh unit as rumored. Google’s translation isn’t very clear, but it seems Samsung is depending on increased device optimization to offer dependable battery life. The company is also sticking to a Quad HD display because higher-resolution panels aren’t as power-friendly, although Murtazin says the screen will be increasing in size to 5.8 inches, at least on the Edge variant.

Other specs reiterated by the Russian blogger include the same cameras as the Galaxy S7’s (with improved software processing), IP68 water resistance, 6GB of RAM, Exynos 8893/Snapdragon 821 (higher-clocked versions of the chips inside the Galaxy S7), an iris scanner, and the updated TouchWiz interface that we saw in a leaked video. Pricing is pegged to be somewhere between $750 to $800 in the US and Euro 800 in Europe, with availability reportedly beginning in the latter half of August (which matches what Samsung did with the Galaxy Note 5 last year).

While it’s always best to grab the proverbial salt container when it comes to these leaks, at this point of time we can expect most of the rumors to be accurate. It won’t be long before we find out what’s real and what won’t come to pass, although the Galaxy Note 7 is looking to be one hell of a device that will build on the near-perfect Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

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