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Samsung Ahead might be Samsung’s version of Google Glass

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Last updated: June 26th, 2016 at 00:28 UTC+01:00

It has long been rumored that Samsung could be working on a Google Glass rival of its own even though Google has discontinued that wearable device itself. Some patent filings by Samsung were discovered a couple of years ago which hinted at the Gear Glass – a possible Google Glass competitor – and it was even rumored at one point that this wearable device could launch alongside the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung is yet to come out with such a product but a new trademark application from the company has been spotted which suggests that Samsung could call its Google Glass rival Samsung Ahead.

Samsung has filed a trademark application from an as yet unannounced product called Ahead, the patent filing includes a logo and describes it as a wearable computer “in the shape of a helmet.” The patent filing also details that this product will an operating software for wearable digital electronic devices, an electronic display module, MP3 functions, and more. Granted that these descriptions have just been added to offer protection to the trademarked product again products with similar features that some company might want to call Ahead as well, if approved, the trademark filing will protect the product against that. Obviously it doesn’t confirm if and when a Samsung-made Google Glass rival is going to hit the market even though we have been hearing about it for years now.


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