Samsung working on Gear Glass to take on Google Glass?

With the achievement of launching the first true smart watch under its belt, Samsung could be turning its attention to another category of the wearable market – according to Eldar Murtazin, Samsung is working on head-mounted wearable glasses similar to Google’s Glass, which will be marketed under the ‘Gear Glass’ brand and launch sometime in April or May next year.

Now, Murtazin isn’t exactly the most trustworthy source in the industry, but Samsung has been rumored to be working on numerous wearable devices, and with Google Glass getting positive reception in the media, it would only be natural for Samsung to tackle the head-mounted wearable device market. Of course, if they do come with a Google Glass of their own, we’ll hope it’s compatible with more devices at launch than the Galaxy Gear is (fully compatible, not just compatible in bits and pieces), or we’ll have another ‘attractive yet useless for most’ wearable product on our hands.

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3 years 6 months ago

yes there is a hint for that in the 2 galaxy gear new ads , they finish with a call from someone named JAMIE ” GLASS” and I don’t think this was an accident , come one no has GLASS as family name !! SMART MOVE SAMI

3 years 6 months ago

If you have looked around the arena of connected peripherals(accessories), you may have noticed a lot of support for iOS devices while Android support is mysteriously missing. Even the S3, Note 2, and S4 have not prompted a change, and these are devices that are fairly visible to the general public and have gotten a fair bit of hype driving support for Samsung products. With this is mind, you have to look at what has caused this lack of support. At its heart, what has been NEEDED is Bluetooth LE support to keep battery life at an acceptable level.

The short version is that with Bluetooth LE, these devices can basically sleep and use very little power while not being used. If you pair a Bluetooth LE device with a non-compliant phone/tablet, the battery life goes from a year or more down to a couple of months. This makes it VERY difficult for device makers to support these devices since customers WHINE saying they need to replace the battery very often.

True Bluetooth 4.0 with LE has only officially been supported under Android 4.3, which you may have noticed is available only on the Note 3, Google Edition of certain phones, and the Galaxy Nexus devices, and device makers will almost never officially support unofficial product updates(custom firmware). This means that until we see Android 4.3 get released for the really big names, many companies won’t even consider OFFICIALLY supporting Android. Polar for example is a big name when it comes to heart rate monitors, and while there was Android support for the Wearlink+ Bluetooth monitor from years ago, that support was removed due to the battery life problems.

By the time a Galaxy Gear Glass type device is released, we SHOULD hopefully have 4.3 out officially for the S3, S4, and Note 2, so the number of devices that can support it at launch will be MUCH higher. I would have hoped that Samsung would have had 4.3 released for these devices well before the Galaxy Gear watch release for that very reason. Really, the Gear was released too early since there just would NEVER be enough Note 3 sales to make the launch of the Gear really successful. At best, we would see 10 percent of the Note 3 sales include the Gear, and that is at best. With a lack of applications, and the uncertainty that comes with a $300 watch purchase, it makes sense that people would just wait and see how well the Gear does in the real world. Could the Gear replace those $350 heart rate monitors from Polar if the user keeps their phone in their pocket(with an alternative app)? That would be a good way to get the Gear to sell if it would work. Leave workout tracking to the phone with Gear as a way to quickly see what’s going on would be a good application, but is it there?

So, Android 4.3 is the answer, and Samsung really needs to push AT&T and Verizon to release the updates before ANY of these connected devices will sell in decent numbers. Most people are not looking to buy a $300 tech demo that does very little for them.

3 years 6 months ago

“Ain’t nobody got time for that”

Sorry, but I just had to say it..